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Hello and welcome to my web site. Feel free to browse around and check out my latest designs.

I have a bit of split personality when it



comes to ceramics. Although I love the robust earthiness of stoneware I can't resist the bright fun colours of earthenware. So I decided to embrace both, after all lifes to short to make hard choices like that.

All my shapes are produced using slump, press moulding and coiling techniques. I have made all the moulds myself out of plaster of Paris.

All the patterns and stamps impressed into the surfaces are also hand made by me.                            

I love the fact that the techniques I use are so ancient, I believe pre-dating the wheel. Although I use moulds each peice has to be built into the mould by hand. I like to leave small imperfections as this gives my work a stone like quality and individuality.

Love is in the air.....

About my work...

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